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“Book Of Goodness” – Health & Wellness

To See All My Books On Amazon Kindle,
Click The Link Below In The Description.

To See All My Books On Amazon Kindle,
Click The Link Below.

The “Book Of Goodness Series”, is a large number of what I will call ‘Reference Guides’, giving you great information about many of the most relevant topics, and issues that are facing us all, right now! All of them helping you to, and being about– ‘How To Live A Great Life!’ Tons of tips, examples, hints, facts, and lists of things to do now! If you think don’t need them, I know some of your friends do!

This book: “The Book Of Goodness”, is our flagship product! There are many other specialized books in the “Series”. Everyone will find several topics that can help them in their own lives.

Including extensive topics and discussions about: Goodness.Happiness, Spiritual Fulfillment, Family, Friends, Finances, Health, Exercise, Meditation, Money, Retirement, Education, Relationships, Desired Human Traits, Intimate Relationships, Many Additional Resources, Personal Finance, Help in Times of Trouble, How To Help The Less Fortunate People, Family Values, and on and on….

This is new information, that you will not find like this, anywhere else. There are many ideas in these writings that everyone will find useful. Again, there is a lot of great information in these books for Everyone!

This awesome information comes from:
-Facts uncovered through a ton of research,
-Great ideas from us and many others,
-Wonderful quotes from some of the very top achieving people from many walks of life,
-Good common sense philosophies,
-Ideas for living a better life
-and much, much, more!

No matter how miserable your life is right now, you can change that, and start living an all around better life, starting today! Let us help you!

One great thing about these books, is that, the more times you read them, the more information you will find, that will help you in your specific situation.

Please tell your friends about these books so we can share this great knowledge with as many people as possible.

We can start a “Goodness Revolution”, that rivals the escalating downward direction, that some of this worlds’ people and ideas, are heading in right now!

Life on planet earth is too short to live it in misery. We can’t change everyone, but we can change ourselves–(this is definitely our first goal!). The people around you will no doubt see and feel your change, and quite possibly, begin to change themselves. It is human nature. Then the other people around them, and the other people around them, and so on. Pretty soon it will be an epidemic, and we won’t be able to stop it 🙂

Your life can be much better! Read these books, and take action on some of the ideas, and your life will be better too!


Here are some of our main sites: – My Main Site, With Links To My Other Great Health & Wellness, & Free Info. sites. Tons of information to help you have a better all around life. —Baby Boomers & All You Health Nuts! Your “Ultimate Range Of Motion Workout” I’m going on 63 years old, I’ve lost over 50 pounds of fat, added 10 lbs of muscle, do this routine almost every day, & feel lot’s better, day after day! – Over 100 Original, FREE, Health & Wellness Techniques. We Can Help You Have A Better Day, Every Day! Exercises, meditations, breathing techniques, & better mental power exercises, to name a few. — I Am Author & Publisher Of 15 Health & Wellness- Amazon Kindle Books– Stress, Yoga, Meditation, Personal Finances, Alzheimer’s & Dementia, Problems Of The Youth, Going Green, Your Overall Wellness, Learning To Eat Right, and more topics! – — All Things Gardening! –Products For All Your Health Needs! =======================================

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Many cheers to all of you! -Michael the “GuyOfGoodness”


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