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I don’t know if you know this, but I am the Author & Publisher of 15 Amazon Kindle books, in the ‘Health’, ‘Wellness’, & ‘Having a better life’ categories. We have Updated all of my books in the last quarter of 2017!

NOTE: Below we are giving out Free copies of 3 of my books, in exchange for your honest book review.

Hello my name is Michael “The Guy Of Goodness” Allen

(Click Here To See All My Books Now!)

Welcome to this special event!


We will give you a review copy of the books below, for FREE,  if you will give us your honest book review.

We want to get as many reviews for our books as possible.

We have updated with new information, all of my books in late 2017.

Could you help me by reviewing 1 or more of my books below?

Click below for your review copy:                  Leave your review below:

  1. Meditation: For the Health of Your Life            Click here to go to Amazon & leave your review.
  2. Stress Relief: Ultimate Stress Relievers             Click here to go to Amazon & leave your review
  3. Alzheimer’s & Dementia: What To Do                Click here to go to Amazon & leave your review

(See the list of all my books down below)


NOTE!   To leave your review:

–Go to the book on from the links above on the the right side.

–Then scroll down to the yellow button labeled- “Write A Customer Review

–Enter your review. Submit. Done!

— Thank you & enjoy the books while helping us out!



Here is a list of my books “All Are Updated For 2017”:

Meditation: For The Health Of Your Life!    -Free for your review.

–Stress Relief: Ultimate Stress Relievers         -Free for your review.

–ALZHEIMER’S & Dementia—What To Do!   -Free for your review.

Here are the rest of my books:

–Yoga: For Your Heart, Body, Mind, & Soul

–The Problems Of Youth & Some Solutions

–Help With Your Personal Finances

–Learning To Eat Right

–Going Green & the Environment

–Your Overall “Wellness”- With Intro’s To Yoga & more

–Affirmations & Famous Quotes For A Better Life

–10 Steps & 10 Minutes A Day To Total Health

–Book Of Goodness — The Full Book

–Book Of Goodness -Part 1

–Book Of Goodness -Part 2

–Book Of Goodness – Part 3

(Click Here To See All My Books Now!)


Thank you so much,